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Качественные низкокалорийные протеиновые батончики от германского производителя

Качественные, очень вкусные и питательные низкокалорийные протеиновые батончики от германского производителя. Разнообразие вкусов - от классических (шоколода, ванили) до экзотических гарантирует, что вы сможете выбрать для себя и купить тот батончик, который вам понравится больше всего! Отличный перекус и источник энергии, который легко позволит вам восстановить баланс сил!

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Cheap Apartment for Sale in Torrevieja Area - T0P Spanish Homes

love this cheap options!!! great bargain, you can also find more similar properties in the popular coastal town of Torrevieja and other famous Costa Blanca locations on the Spanish real estate portals like kyero, topspanishhomes, rightmove, etc.

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Any Risk of Dengue in Spain? (continued from a previous blog post)

The only virus carried by mosquitoes bite from an infected person. The increased presence of this mosquito, as noted by the British study published in the journal eLIFE, makes the risk of indigenous cases increase. "After the appearance of the first symptoms, those affected can spread the infection for about four or five days," says this newspaper Rogelio Lopez-Velez, head of the Unit of Tropical Medicine at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid.

Though, I haven't heard of any such problems in the area of Torrevieja or in the south of Costa Blanca. In Spain, since 2006 they are detected annually about 30 imported cases, ie people who have traveled to countries where the disease is endemic and then developed the infection in our country. In addition, since 2004, first identified the tiger mosquito in Catalonia, their presence has increased localized in late 2010 in more than 170 municipalities of this community, in Alicante, Murcia and Mallorca. What is the danger that indigenous cases occur in Spain? According to the report Risk Assessment Introduction and Dengue virus circulation in Spain of the Ministry of Health, "the existence in certain areas of a competent vector for transmission, Ae. albopictus, it makes possible the emergence of indigenous cases in these areas. The introduction of the virus is possible throughout the country with the arrival of sporadic imported cases and maritime and air international trade endemic areas ".

Anyway, Spain is still very popular among international property buyers, who decide to buy a holiday property, for instance, on the Costa Blanca in coastal towns like Torrevieja or the famous Orihuela Costa. For more Spanish real estate options, market news and updates please visit www.topspanishhomes.com.

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New Listed Properties in Torrevieja Area, Costa Blanca, Spain

Sea-View Apartment in Torrevieja. 

This fantastic front line 2-bed apartment is located in Marina Torrevieja, Costa Blanca South, Alicante region, coast of Spain.
This spacious property is comprised of a large lounge and dining area with large windows giving light all around the interior, fitted kitchen, two bedrooms and a family bathroom, balcony, patio.
Sale Price: €375,000

2-Bed Penthouse Apartment for Sale in Punta Prima, Costa Blanca.

2-bed apartment for sale in Punta Prima, Costa Blanca

This attractive 2 bed Penthouse apartment is situated in a fantastic location, within an exclusive front line development in Punta Prima, Costa Blanca South, Alicante region, coast of Spain.

EUR 149 000
Location: Punta Prima
Built size: 63.00 sq.m

 Beach: 200 meters from coast

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Popular Town of Torrevieja on the Coast of Spain

Torrevieja is a town in southeastern Spain on the Costa Blanca, which has become famous for its salt production. On 1 January 2014 91 415 inhabitants were registered.
GeographyTorrevieja belongs to the Comarca Vega Baja del Segura Alicante province in the Valencian Community. Torrevieja is located in the Spanish-speaking part of Spain. Although Torrevieja is outside the traditional Valencian-Catalan-speaking area, the city of bilingualism to stand out as a tourist southernmost island language (even southernmost bonfire) was enacted.

HistoryThe former fishing village was the elimination of Orihuela in 1820. It got its name from an old watchtower (span. Torre, "tower" and Vieja, "old"), whose foundations remain today. 1829 Torrevieja was largely destroyed by a severe earthquake. Rebuilt, it was up to the early 1970s, an insignificant community. By the beginning of tourism on the Costa Blanca was the city that in 1970 had around 11,000 inhabitants, a development thrust.First small settlements (urbanization) emerged, and the onset of tourism has been met with a construction boom, the Torrevieja within just thirty years to a big city with 100,000 inhabitants (2007) let grow. Responsible for this "gigantism" is mainly the Mayor Pedro Hernandez Mateo, who belongs to the conservative People's Party PP and to be implicated in several corruption scandals. Against him determined the Spanish public prosecutor's office that has filed charges against him in court. With insider knowledge and dubious land transactions he allegedly mismanaged millions of euros in his pocket, according to the indictment of the prosecutor's office. Today Torrevieja is a multicultural city, whose inhabitants to 52.7 per cent (a 13/05/2010) foreigners from 117 different nations (mainly British, German, Swedes, Russians and Moroccans). In the holiday season (July and August), the number of inhabitants is expected to briefly exceed the one million mark. During these months, in addition to spend many hundreds of thousands of "domestic Spaniards", mainly from the metropolitan area of ​​Madrid, the summer holidays in their apartments and houses on the Costa Blanca.

Torrevieja as a Hot Real Estate Marketplace
Today, Torrevieja is very popular among international and Spanish property buyers. If you are planning to buy property in Torrevieja or Torrevieja area please visit this web-site: www.topspanishhomes.com.

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Spain Property Digest: May 2015

Spanish Bank Bankia Expected to Sell EUR4.8 Billion of Real Estate

One of largest banks in Spain - Bankia SA is getting ready to sell 4.8 billion euros ($5.4 billion) of residential and commercial property in the country as overseas investors return to the nation’s real estate market.

The Madrid-based lender is offering 3.3 billion euros of residential properties, 1.1 billion euros of commercial units and land valued at 400 million euros, according to a document sent to investors by Credit Suisse Group AG, which is advising Bankia on the deal.

Investment in Spanish property sharply increased to 17.8 billion euros last year from 4.9 billion euros in 2013, according to data compiled by Irea. Housing prices in Spain in 2014 posted their first annual increase since 2007 as the local market recovers from the worst recession in the country’s democratic history.

Read more on this story by bloomberg.com here.

Spanish banks have a huge amount of repossessed real-estate properties on their books. According to an estimate made by the Moody's Investors Service these assets are worth about €100 billion, writes the Wall Street Journal.

The financial institutions are eager to offer deals to accelerate foreclosure sales as they prepare for the upcoming balance-sheet review by the European Union regulators later this year.

For more details on this issue visit this page by one of the new Spain real estate property portals www.topspanishhomes.com.

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Any Ideas on Seafront Properties and Beachside Homes for Sale in Spain ?

The real estate market in Spain boast many options on holiday properties, both inland / countryside houses and apartments and coastal, i.e. seaside properties of which the coast of Alicante in Valencia is one of the most popular in 2015.

Many overseas home-buyers prefer to purchase their Spanish holiday property in Costa Blanca near the coastline. As a rule, they are much less interested in inland real estate, but tend to choose so-called beachfront and seaside homes.

Of course, such property gives certain advantages and special features to its owners. For instance, they may benefit from a wonderful panoramic sea views from their home or be able to reach the beach on foot in less than a minute.

Check out various sorts of homes now available on the Costa Blanca property portal of Top Spanish Homes to find your sea-view properties on this page: http://topspanishhomes.com/beach-front-sea-view-property-spain-sale and take a look at dozens of bungalows and other sorts of real estate in such areas as Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa and let us know your feedback!

And, please keep in mind that some experts expect 2015 to be a nice year for investment opportunities!!

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